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Software Applications Course

Software Applications Course


The Computer courses at Kolej Sunway Kuching not only increase the students’ own skills but are also a pathway to City & Guilds and LCCI Examinations, giving the students a certificate that is recognised world wide. For those students wishing to take the exams Sunway offers free revision courses in order to enable our students to excel.

Word Processing

Learn the essentials of Windows Operating System and applications of Microsoft Word. An absolute must for beginners with little exposure to computer systems. Simple keyboarding and the layout of the keyboard are discussed before practice is don on an actual keyboard.

Microsoft Word – Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Being able to use Microsoft Word has become essential in today’s world and although most people can use the basic tools of this application they are not able to utilise it to its fullest. These courses will guide the learner through Microsoft Word, with focus on competency at all levels.

Microsoft Excel – Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

These courses will guide the learner though Microsoft Excel and the use of spreadsheets. The learner will learn to load and correct files, transfer information, save files without overwriting previous files, make alterations, apply correct formula to specified data and place the answer generated in the appropriate cells, produce the structure needed without loss of data, and print the spreadsheet in its entirety. The focus is on the creation of customized worksheets for the different levels, concepts and requirements in business accounting.

Microsoft Access – Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

These courses introduce the learner to Microsoft Access. These courses cover loading a database package and existing database file in preparation for use, adding new records to the file using information form a variety documents, saving a database file, amending one or more fields within one or more records, deleting a record from the file, selecting a set of records from the file using a single criterion, and printing a single record or a set of records using a layout which is appropriate to the structure of the database and which presents the information in a clear and concise manner

Using the Internet

This course will guide the learner through the main uses of the Internet. The learner will understand and be able to efficiently use search engines, Email, E-Commerce and Web pages.

Design and Presentations – Microsoft PowerPoint

This course will teach the user how to prepare more effective presentations using the Microsoft PowerPoint application. Syllabus includes building a presentation, dressing up the presentation with special effects and hyperlinks, beefing up the presentation with charts, multimedia elements and tips and tricks, and finally the theory of giving good presentations and 


Microsoft WordWeekly
Microsoft ExcelWeekly
Microsoft AccessWeekly
Microsoft PowerpointWeekly
Computerised AccountingMonthly

All applicants for the English for Special Purpose (ESP) – (Working Adults) are required to sit for an English Placement Test at the point of entry. Visit the Aptis website at: www.britishcouncil.org/aptis  and take the demonstration test today. Kolej Sunway Kuching is being appointed by British Council to be an APTIS Test Centre  

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