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Micro-credential courses

Still unsure on what diploma programme to take?

Join our micro-credential courses and get a taste of the future major that you would like to venture in. 

Choose from our list of micro-credential courses below and upon completion, you will be awarded a digital certificate by Sunway College Kuching that contributes credit* towards your academic pathways.

*Subject to meeting entry requirements.

What are Micro-credentials?

Micro-credentials are short courses that are designed to build professional skills relevant to your career in rapidly growing industries and allow you to pursue further study in a specialised field.

How Do Micro-Credentials Work?

  • Learn online or offline with experts
  • Study courses over 12-16 weeks, created by subject experts and with dedicated support throughout.
  • Test your understanding as you progress towards a final assessment.
  • Earn a professional credential
  • Finish your learning and pass your assessments to gain a certificate of completion.

Choose Your Pathway

  • Diploma in Accounting
  • Diploma in Business Management


Programme Structure

Duration (per programme)          :               12-16 weeks

Intake                                                 :               January, April, July, October

Credits (per programme)             :               3

What Makes Our Micro-credential
courses unique?

Learn Flexibly

Choose from 1 to 4 courses per intake, and pick whichever topics interest you.

Try our Programmes

Get a glimpse of our diploma programmes and see what it’s like to be a full-time Sunway student.

Earn recognised Certification

Upon programme completion, our micro-credential courses reward you with certification as part of your professional development.

Get Credit Exemptions

Upon completion of courses, you will earn credit exemptions from our diploma programmes, with the condition that you meet the programme’s entry requirements.

Choose Your Course

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do the minimum entry requirements for academic programmes apply to MCs from accredited programmes?

No formal entry requirements to enrol in an MC. However, if the learners want to use the MC/MCs to gain an award/qualification, then he/she must meet the minimum qualification before the award.

2. Must the MCs be offered as online courses?

No. MCs can be offered it as conventional/traditional course or ODL or a combination.

3. Can a HEP offer bundles of the academic programmes as a series of MCs to working adults? 

That is precisely the objective – to unbundle academic programmes and offer to non-traditional learners.

4. Can these MCs be recognised i.e. given credits if these learners enrol in academic programmes? 

Yes, recognition can be given. The guideline describes different MC conditions and the recognition that can be provided.

  • Where MCs are considered a part of an accredited programme, the MC is treated as completion of credit if tendered to the same Higher Education Partner (HEP).
  • Where the MC is not considered a part of an accredited programme, it can be tendered to any Higher Education Partner (HEP) for credit transfer

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