IAB Level 2 award Certificate in Bookkeeping - Sunway College Kuching

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(Qualification Accreditation Number 500/3159/4)


The IAB specialises in providing high quality, relevant financial and business qualifications for students, financial professionals and owners or managers of small businesses. Established in 1973, the IAB now has many thousands of students and members worldwide and is considered the leading international membership body for professional bookkeepers.

It is unique in that it is both a professional body for bookkeepers and an awarding body recognised and regulated by the relevant government authorities in England (Ofqual), Wales and Northern Ireland.

Apart from specific bookkeeping and small to medium size business qualifications, in general the IAB aims to provide a broad and valued range of services to its members and to provide qualifications designed by and with the expertise of professionals and employers. IAB qualifications make a valuable contribution to the skills of individuals, businesses and the economy.

The IAB’s qualifications (and those of its associate professional body, the International Association of Accounting Professionals) are already successfully offered in several countries worldwide including, for example, Iraq, the Caribbean, India, the Russian Federation, Ukraine and the Baltic States. The IAB has over 10,000 members across approximately 60 countries.

In the UK, the IAB is a statutory supervisor and regulator of professional bookkeepers and accounting professionals under the Money Laundering Regulations.

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