Sunway Diploma in Business Management – Flexible Study Options

Sunway Diploma in Business Management – Flexible Study Options


What Is This Programme About?

The Diploma in Business Management (DBM) at Sunway College aims to provide students with broad-based knowledge, technical, operational and entrepreneurial skills to perform effectively and ethically within their specific areas of business management, hence inculcating the desire for lifelong learning and career development. The programme also aims to equip students with relevant knowledge and key business skills to deal effectively in a rapidly changing environment. Generally, the programme covers both the breadth and the inter-disciplinary aspect of business. It balances conceptual knowledge with an applied curriculum that is also suitable for various positions in various industries.

The programme curriculum offers various innovative approaches to learning including seminars, expert guest speakers, case analyze, business simulations and experiential industry visit.

The programme aims to promote the ‘employability’ of its graduates, in order that they can thrive in an increasingly competitive employment market. It can be achieved through a blend of academic study and skills development. It is structured to allow increased choice as it progresses and provides two specialist subject routes as well as generalist route from which students may choose, to meet their individual needs and career aspirations. It offers an in-depth business education, geared to professional practice, specialist careers, self-employment and to the demands of general management.

The DBM programme provided a solid foundation in general business for undergraduate degree in Business Management/Administration or related areas.

Career Prospects

Diploma holder will able to support senior managers/executives in administration and management in any type of business. From Major corporations to independent businesses, every operation needs skilled administrators in order to succeed. A diverse range of career prospects include banking and finance, manufacturing, product development, human resources, IT management and business analysis.

Programme Structure

• Financial Accounting 1
• Introduction to Business
• English 1
• Principles of Marketing
• Software Applications
• English 2
• Microeconomics
• Principles of Management
• Principles of Finance
• Business Mathematics

• Operations Management
• Business Information Systems
• Entrepreneurship
• Consumer Behaviour
• Quantitative Methods
• Macroeconomics
• Business Ethics
• Business Law
• Retail Marketing
• Organizational Behaviour
• International Marketing
• Business Communication
• Electronic Commerce
• Human Resource Management
• International Business
• Business Management: A Malaysian Perspective
Note: * Matapelajaran Umum (MPU) subjects are compulsory for Diploma students. Not all subjects will be offered every semester and are subject to availability
• Enable students to acquire in-depth knowledge of the foundations of business and management;
• Facilitate an understanding of the relationship between business and its environment, and the influence this has on how organisation are structured, and developed in relation to its human resources and systems;
• Prepare students to be able to apply their knowledge and skills to support management in planning and decision- making in different business contexts;
• Develop in students the ability to communicate in English, verbally and in written form, with special reference to accounting and business contexts
• Cultivate in students an understanding of the natures and skills of logical reasoning and develop capacity for innovative thinking and effective communication.

Upon completion of the programme, graduates will be able to:
• Outline the relevant concepts and theories;
• Apply practical and theoretical understanding to solve business problems;
• Show entrepreneurial skills in addressing business issues;
• Demonstrate teamwork, interpersonal, effective communication and social skills;
• Display professional and ethical business conduct; and
• Use the skills and principles of lifelong learning in their academic and career development


Academic Calendar


• January, April, August, October


• 2.5 Years

Entry Requirement

• Passed SPM or its equivalent with a minimum of 3 CREDITS.

• 3Bs for UEC.


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